My story

Yogi Bhajans words ' We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirit beings having a human experience'

resonated deeply with me.


Energy healing, feeling of energies, the subtle in the world has always been a big part of myself, which I hid quite well through most of my teeange life and early twenties, until I landed on my feet here in Australia 15 years ago.


After remembering/learnig/using/ teaching new tools a lot of my life and my feelings make more sense now, and

I did find it much easier to feel myself again.


But just through the ancient science of  Kundalini Yoga I started experiencing a life-changing transformation; I found that immediately I was able to re-establish a connection with my body: physically, mentally and emotionally.  Kundalini Yoga became an integral part of the balance between the here and now and the daily challenges life brings. 


I love sharing my healing experiences and  feel so blessed when students connect with their potential and experience their own transformations. 


The practise of Kundalini Yoga  and its amazing worlswide community and the energy work with the sublte realms  has changed my life to the better... and I want to share those great tools with as many people who are ready and open for it.


I am happiest in unspoiled areas of our precious nature, when I get cuddles from my boys and when I open my eyes after a class/session and see and feel the light of the other beings who have shared the practice and time.

Real connection feeds me  and seeing the infinite in the finite gives me hope for a better future for this planet and all its inhabitants.


My mission is to help you get in touch with your shining soul and to be able to bathe in the light of your own beautiful being. Sometimes a glance into our own hidden potential, awakening to the infinite spirit and feeling of our own light and the light around us can be life-changing.

Even though everybody’s experience is unique, the Yoga classes and Healing Sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, nurtured and uplifted.


‘Doing is believing’ Yogi Bhajan


I am looking forward to meeting you soon,



Yours in health, love and light

Stephi Tej Dharam








Currently studying Australian Bush Flower Essences

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